Single Mast Electrodeposition Equipment – EDP 7000 – SDEC

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The measure of radio-isotopes is used in nuclear medicine to control and follow the contamination level of a patient who has manipuled radio-isotopes. Usally when measuring a radio-isotope, the first thing to do is to trap it and make it deposit on a support. The Single Mast Electrodeposition Equipment – EDP 7000 system is the most efficient principle for trapping a radio-element in liquid solution.This principle allow to deposit the radio-isotopes contained in a solution onto a metallic plate. To measure the quantity of radio-element trapped, the metallic plate is afterwards placed into a suitable machine (spectrometer or other one).

single mast electrodeposition equipment – EDP 7000 features:

  • synthetic materials.
  • temperature control of the solution.
  • three sizes of solution containers.
  • quick screw/unscrew.
  • easy maintenance by operator.
  • reverse polarity switch.
  • independent timer.
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Datasheet Single mast electrodeposition SDEC

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