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3DVH Software transforms the field of per-patient dose QA by generating clinically-relevant and intuitive analyses of complex IMRT and VMAT plans. With proven accuracy, 3DVH estimates the 3D dose to the patient-specific geometry.

3DVH Software features:

  • fast results with automated tools – Quick Stat Templates,
  • quick Dose Profiles, DICOM compliant workflow
  • no forward dose calculation into the patient CT
  • no commissioning
  • uses existing measurements and devices
  • with optional Respiratory MotionSim module, analyze the dosimetric impact of a moving target
  • transform 2D measurements to 3D dose volume for advanced analysis
  • perform 3D dose and DVH QA analysis on patient – not phantom – geometry
  • supports coplanar and non-coplanar beams
  • identify TPS and beam delivery errors
  • intuitive and familiar presentation of dose and DVH with statistics per anatomical structure

3DVH Software compatibility:

  • hardware: ArcCHECK, MapCHECK 2
  • software: SNC Patien, EPIDose
  • rotational therapy: RapidArc, VMAT
  • static gantry: IMRT
  • treatment planning systems: Pinnacle, Eclipse, and most TPS systems that can export DICOM data
  • FFF & non-FFF deliveries

Read more about 3DVH Software on the Sun Nuclear website

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