Model 036S-CVXX-xx E2E SBRT Phantom – CIRS

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The E2E® SBRT Phantom with Removable Spine is a single tool for end-toend commissioning and routine QA. The anthropomorphic, tissue-equivalent
thorax phantom contains articulated spine, ribs, and lungs. All materials are
suitable for use in kV and MV energies.

  • High Resolution Anthropomorphic Characteristics
  • Tissue-Equivalent from 50 keV to 15 MeV
  • Thorax with articulated spine, ribs and lungs
  • Center point fiducial and offset target for daily system checks
  • Optional Abdomen with spine
  • Optional Abdomen accommodates image-quality insert

CIRS is in 1982 opgericht door Dr. Elias Zerhouni. CIRS wordt wereldwijd erkend als marktleider in het ontwikkelen van tissue equivalent phantomen voor dosimetrie, kalibratie, kwaliteit controle, ond...