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The Sun Nuclear WaterProof PROFILER is a linear detector array used in place of a single detector for commissioning and routine measurements. WaterProof PROFILER works in air or in water and drastically reduces the time required to collect high quality beam profile data for any beam type.

WaterProof Profiler features:

  • speed – 127 detectors capture complete beam profiles instantly, and with a fraction of the MU’s needed when using a single detector
  • accuracy – data is comparable to data collected when using a single ion chamber
  • ease of use – attaches directly to 3D SCANNER in seconds with no tools, warm-up, or external electrometer needed
  • scanning dosimetry – acceptance testing, treatment planning system commissioning and QA
  • open fields – measure entire field instantaneously
  • wedges – measure electronic and physical wedges instantaneously in a single measurement
  • compatible with Sun Nuclear 3D SCANNER
  • can be used for in-air measurements
  • quickConnect connects WaterProof PROFILER to the Sun Nuclear 3D SCANNER in seconds
  • oversampling feature provides more accurate scans
  • SunPoint Diode Detectors measure only 0.8 x 0.8 mm and provide the sharpest penumbra for the highest accuracy in beam modeling
  • best detector spacing of any waterproof array: only 0.4 cm
  • best detector count of any waterproof array: 127 detectors
  • best detector array length of any waterproof array: 50.4 cm
  • calibration is fully automated and performed in the 3D SCANNER with no need to go in and out of bunker

Read more about the WaterProof Profiler on the Sun Nuclear website

Sun Nuclear Corporation is opgericht in 1984 als een service verlenend bedrijf voor reparatie en kalibratie maar ze zijn uitgegroeid tot een toonaangevend leider in design en fabricage van kwaliteitss...


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