SNC 600c™ Reference Ion Chamber

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SNC600c for Photon and Electron Reference Dosimetry
SNC600c is a reference class dosimeter based on the classic Farmer Chamber design.

  • Reference class performance (IEC 60731) allows for use in X-ray and electron reference dosimetry protocols – TG-51 and TRS-398
  • Classic Farmer Chamber design allows use in most slab phantoms
  • White thimble provides easy setup verification

Meet Requirements
Properly QA your linac, in accordance with the reference class and dosimetry protocols of IEC 60731, AAPM TG-51, and IAEA TRS-398.

Reliable & Accurate
Reference-class ion chambers are vented, waterproof and fully guarded. A white chamber body makes visualization easy during setup and relative to cross hairs and lasers.

Sun Nuclear Corporation is opgericht in 1984 als een service verlenend bedrijf voor reparatie en kalibratie maar ze zijn uitgegroeid tot een toonaangevend leider in design en fabricage van kwaliteitss...


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SNC 600c, Reference ION Chamber, Datasheet

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