Shoulder, Head and Neck End-to-End Verification Phantom (SHANE)

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The CIRS Shoulder, Head and Neck End-to-End Verification Phantom (SHANE) is designed for end-to-end testing of treatment planning systems. The phantom can be used for every step in this process from imaging acquisition to dosimetry verification and patient-specific QA during head- and-neck VMAT and IMRT procedures.


High fidelity simulation

The head and shoulders are cut in the coronal plane to receive large radiochromic or radiographic film for treatment plan verification. The phantom also receives ion chambers or other detectors, which can be positioned in four parallel holes drilled through the phantom in Inferior-Superior direction.

The high-fidelity anthropomorphic design contains complex internal anatomy that provides a realistic clinical simulation to evaluate the challenging effects of intra- and extracranial anatomies.Head and shoulder portions are manufactured as a single piece to enable use with various fixation devices. The shoulder portion contains thoracic vertebrae, which enable TPS verification to the level of T2 vertebra. Shoulders also include tissue inserts for electron density calibration.


  • High fidelity phantom-patient
  • Suitable for use with various commercially available fixation devices
  • Enables dose measurements in large regions of head and neck through use of radiographic film
  • Allows dose measurements with ion chambers
  • Performs Electron Density calibration in shoulders

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CIRS is in 1982 opgericht door Dr. Elias Zerhouni. CIRS wordt wereldwijd erkend als marktleider in het ontwikkelen van tissue equivalent phantomen voor dosimetrie, kalibratie, kwaliteit controle, ond...


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Shoulder, Head and Neck End-to-End Verification Phantom, Datasheet

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