Model 053S, 053L and 053L-EF Ultrasound Prostate Training Phantom – CIRS

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CIRS designed the Ultrasound Prostate Training Phantom as a multi-modality disposable phantom developed for practicing procedures that involve scanning the prostate with a rectal probe. There are three different models: Model 053S, 053L and 053L-EF.

The clear, acrylic container contains the prostate along with structures simulating the rectal wall, seminal vesicles and urethra.  A 3 mm simulated perineal membrane enables various probes and surgical tools to be inserted into the prostate.

This phantom is an ideal training device for ultrasound guided cryosurgery, radioactive seed implantation, and needle biopsy.



The phantom is available in three ways. The phantom is available with lesions (053L), without lesions (053S) and you can order either the standard side-fire configuration or an alternate geometry optimised for end-fire probes (053L-EF).


  • Includes rectal wall, seminal vesicles, perineal membrane and urethra
  • Train for ultrasound-guided cryosurgery, seed implantation and needle biopsy with one phantom
  • Compatible with multiple probes and surgical tools
  • Structures are visible under CT, MRI, ultrasound and elastography
  • Gel designed to minimise needle tracking

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Ultrasound made with ultrasound prostate training phantom from CIRS, model 053S, 053L & 053L-EF

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CIRS is in 1982 opgericht door Dr. Elias Zerhouni. CIRS wordt wereldwijd erkend als marktleider in het ontwikkelen van tissue equivalent phantomen voor dosimetrie, kalibratie, kwaliteit controle, ond...


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Datasheet Model 053 S, 053 L and 053L-EF Ultrasound Prostate Training Phantom - CIRS

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