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The test set was compiled based on the recommendations of the three organizations, IAEA, EFOMP, and ESTRO, for a quick and time-efficient QA performance at CBCT imaging equipment.

These recommendations are principally based on DIN 6868-161 and 6868-15 for CBCT quality assurance.

These recommendations are principally based on DIN 6868-161 and 6868-15 for CBCT quality assurance.

Only one exposure is required to create 3D data set containing all required parameters to evaluate image quality. Automated image quality evaluation is performed through the unique QUART CTtec QA/QC software.

The DVTkp phantom can be applied for field sizes from 4x4cm to large fields-of-view (FOV). Customized holders for a variety of CBCT systems are available.

Technical specifications:

  • Spatial resolution: Line spread function
  • Standard test objects: PMMA / Air / PVC
  • Material equivalents: Free Air / Soft tissue / Bone
  • Positioning tools: Linear (top side) / Selective markers
  • Size: Ø 16 cm, height: 15 cm


  • Nyquist Frequency (NF)
  • Contrast
  • Noise
  • Contrast-to-Noise Ratio (CNR)
  • Homogeneity / Image Uniformity
  • Spatial Resolution / Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) at 10% & 50% modulation
  • Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) as per IEC 62220-1-2
  • CT Numbers / Hounsfield Units
  • Z-Axis Resolution / NF and MTF in Axial Direction
  • Artefacts, Image Flaws, etc.
  • System Indicator / Acceptance Indicator (Figure of Merit)
  • Patient / Phantom Positioning Accuracy
  • Additional QA/QC related tests such as geometry and distance measurements etc. to be conducted in an external DICOM viewer


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