Model 157A – Mammographic Film/Screen Contact Test Tool – Sun Nuclear

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Today’s mammography film/screen systems from Sun Nuclear (with Gammex technology) have higher resolution than diagnositic radiography x-ray systems and require test tools with finer detail.  Regular testing with the Gammex 157A detects problems and artifacts early.

Use of the tool and the evaluation of the resulting images is simple.  Areas of poor screen contact appear darker than areas of good contact.  Any dark areas greater than 1 cm should be investigated and corrective action taken.

Sun Nuclear recommends testing cassettes every six months or when new or repaired cassettes are put into service.

Model 157A Mammographic Film/Screen Contact Test Tool features:

  • screen size of 24 x 30 cm
  • mesh size of #40 copper makes the tool ideal for testing new cassettes.
  • compact and easy to store

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Sun Nuclear Corporation is opgericht in 1984 als een service verlenend bedrijf voor reparatie en kalibratie maar ze zijn uitgegroeid tot een toonaangevend leider in design en fabricage van kwaliteitss...


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Datasheet Mammographic Film/Screen Contact Test Tool – Gammex

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