Gafchromic XR-QA2 Dosimetry Film – Ashland

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This product is not available anymore. The renewed version of XR-QA2 can be found HERE.


Ashland designed Gafchromic XRQA2 dosimetry film specifically as a QA tool for radiology. You can cut the film into different sizes and you can handle it in room light.


This radiology film assures consistent and reliable high contrast result because of the state-of-the-art quality production techniques. The images have a quality greater than 5.000 dpi, so you can easily read and understand the results. There are two different sizes:

  • 25,4 cm x 20,48 cm (10″x 12″)
  • 20,32 cm x 25,4 cm (8″ x 10″)

The film has a dose range from 0,1 cGy to 20 cGy.



  • No processor required
  • Instant calibration results
  • High data integrity
  • Improved contrast
  • Two convenient film sizes to choose from
  • Cost effective
  • User-friendly
  • Can be handled in room light

For more information about Ashland’s radiology film, visit our partner’s website!

Ashland voorziet meer dan 100 landen van specialistische chemicaliën, technologieën en inzichten om klanten te helpen bij het creëren en verbeteren van producten.  PEO is voornamelijk actief met...


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Gafchromic XR Film Datasheet

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