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The Sampling Shrouded Probes (Lab Impex Systems) for extracting particulate matter from stacks and ducts, has several advantages over non-shrouded probes. These include lower internal wall losses, better off-angle performance, lower sensitivity to flow stream turbulence, and the ability to operate in either a fixed flow or variable flow rate mode.

Continuous sampling of effluent discharge gases from stacks and ducts that could possibly emit significant quantities of radio nuclides in the form of gases and aerosols are required to have installed continuous extractive sampling (CES) systems installed by regulatory agencies such as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). To ensure that the quality of the emission data is maintained, it is important that any losses within the sample probe and transport lines are kept to a minimum. A shrouded probe is used to extract the sample from the flow stream in the stack; with an optimally designed transport system used to convey this sample to the sampling or monitoring equipment.

Shrouded probes features:

  • lower Internal wall losses
  • better off-angle performance
  • low sensitivity to flow stream turbulence
  • can operate in either fixed or modulating flow rates
  • the Shrouded Probe can operate over a range of flow rates.

Read more about the Shroudes probes on the Lab Impex Systems website.

Lab Impex Systems (LIS) is sinds 17 juli 2014 onderdeel van Ultra Electronics. Zij staat bekend als gespecialiseerde fabrikant van stralingsdetectie-oplossingen en diensten voor gebruik in de wereldwi...


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Datasheet Shrouded Probes - Lab Impex

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