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Skydose is an operational dosimetry system, designed to measure & monitor, in real time, the ambient dose level received by response teams in high exposure areas. The operational dosimetry system Skydose consists in eight Saphydose γi RT teledosimeters, one Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), one Easydose configuration software, one Saphyr portable reader, as well as one to three RT-ZB05 routers. The Skydose system is part of an ongoing approach based on the reduction of both collective and individual doses, in compliance with the ALARA principle (As Low As Reasonably Achievable). By optimizing the exposition to ionizing radiation, it aims at improving the operators’ conditions of intervention, who will thus be able to focus safely on the objectives of their mission.The Skydose system only takes a few minutes to install. Thanks to the PDA, it ensures the in-field monitoring of an eight-person team equipped with Saphydose γi RT teledosimeters using mesh networking. Flexible & robust, the Skydose system can reliably cover an entire infrastructure (a nuclear power plant, for example), thanks to one or more RT-ZB05 dedicated routers. Fast & easy to deploy, the Skydose system can be used by operators, first-responders & non-specialists, inside & outside the risk areas.


  • easy and quick setting even by non-specialized staff
  • automatic network synchronization
  • suitable for indoor and outdoor use including reactor buildings
  • suitable for emergency situations (sturdy – high dose and dose rate range)
  • real-time hotspots detection to reduce the mission dose received by workers
  • compliant with use in nuclear facilities (CEI 61526)
  • low maintenance costs
  • real-time, remote & simultaneous monitoring of the Saphydose γi RT dosimeters, for the team to react immediately in case of emergency
  • the Skydose system can be installed and configured in a few minutes, and be safely stored in a ruggedized pelicase – several systems can operate simultaneously, without interference


  • detector: 2 energy-compensated silicon diodes
  • energy range: from 50 keV. to 7 MeV!
  • dose rate measurement range: 0.5 µSv. to 9,999.99 mSv
  • dose measurement range: 1 µSv. to 9,999.99 mSv
  • alarms: sound & visual
  • battery lifetime in operation: 4,000 hours
  • radio range: 300 m


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Datasheet Skydose Dosimetry System - Bertin Instruments

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