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Sterin Insect Irradiation indicators provide positive, visual verification of irradiation. The indicators are manufactured using Gafchromic film.

Ashland designed the indicators for the Sterile Insect Technique (SIT) program to provide visual verification of irradiation.


Sterin shows wether a container with insects has been irradiated when it’s attached to the container. Before the insects are radiated, the indicator reads “NOT IRRADIATED”, but after the insects are radiated, it reads “RADIATED”.

One box of Sterin, contains 500 indicators and has a shelf life of 3 years.


  • Film-based indicator
  • Easy to read
  • Color-blind friendly
  • Indicators can be stored at room temperature
  • Dispenser box keeps indicators protected from room light
  • Sustainable packaging (boxes can be recycled)

Sterin is available for 4 different doses: 70 Gy, 100 Gy, 125 Gy, and 145 Gy.

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Datasheet Insect Irradiation Indicators Ashland

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