Model 062M Electron Density Phantom – CIRS

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CIRS designed this phantom for precise correlation of CT data to electron density of various tissues. The phantom consists of two disks made from Plastic Water® . The disks can represent both head and abdomen configurations.

Nine different tissue equivalent electron density plugs can be positioned at 17 different locations within the scan field. There is also a water vial plug that the user can fill with any fluid.

Physicists need accurate tools to evaluate CT-scan data and document the relationship between CT number and tissue density. This model is a great option if you want to improve the accuracy of your treatment planning.


  • Evaluate CT-scan data
  • Correct for inhomogeneties
  • Document relationship between CT number and tissue electron density
  • Simulate indicated tissue within the diagnostic energy range
  • Quick assessment of distance registration

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CIRS is in 1982 opgericht door Dr. Elias Zerhouni. CIRS wordt wereldwijd erkend als marktleider in het ontwikkelen van tissue equivalent phantomen voor dosimetrie, kalibratie, kwaliteit controle, ond...


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Datasheet Model 062M Electron Density Phantom CIRS

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