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Daily Isocenter Checks Made Easy

Ensure isocenters match from lasers to EPIDs to CBCT. MultiPHAN™ is a practical, cost-effective tool for Radiation Therapists to perform daily isocenter checks and meet TG-142 requirements.

Efficient Daily Alignment Verification
Comprised of deliberately placed rods, two low-Z ceramic beads and scribe lines, MultiPHAN supports efficient daily verification of the alignment of imaging modalities, lasers, and surface-guided alignment systems.

Smart design features, such as a positioning stand, allow easy and precise shifting from isocentric alignment to the offset target, and enact rotations to test registration and 6 Degrees of Freedom couch repositioning.

Verify All Daily IGRT Alignments in Support of TG-142

MultiPHAN is simple, yet comprehensive, and can validate alignment of:

  • Treatment beam isocenter
  • Light field
  • Field sizes
  • Lasers
  • kV CBCT
  • TomoTherapy®MVCT
  • Treatment couch
  • Optical Guidance systems

Start at the CT Scanner
Simply align the MultiPHAN with lasers and collect MVCT images. Register and re-align as necessary, and confirm shifts are within tolerance. Repeat this process with kV portal images, CBCT images, light field and ODI.

Move to the Treatment System
At the treatment system, shift the MultiPHAN from an aligned phantom. Image and determine offsets in the shifted position.

Use couch or other correction mechanism to move the phantom back to the original position. Image the phantom and confirm it’s back in the original position.

Sun Nuclear Corporation is opgericht in 1984 als een service verlenend bedrijf voor reparatie en kalibratie maar ze zijn uitgegroeid tot een toonaangevend leider in design en fabricage van kwaliteitss...


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