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Sun Nuclear purpose-built this Cylindrical 3D Water Tank Scanner for modern treatment modalities. It achieves faster and more accurate commissioning, and annual QA with consistent scan orientation and automated setup.

The 3D SCANNER is different by design. To provide accurate and reproducible beam data, Sun Nuclear developed the machine from the ground up.

Everything, from the geometrical design, to the setup process, is developed to improve both the accuracy and the objectivity of the data.


The 3D SCANNER is less subjective and saves time, because of AutoSetup™.

First, the machine’s water sensor measures water surface relative to the scanning mechanism at three points and automatically adjusts the water tank levelling. After that, the device measures a 10 x 15 beam to determine the center of the beam, and align the center of the scanner with the beam center. Last, the scanner uses a series of beam measurements to automatically establish in-plane and cross-plane home positions. The ring drive electric motor’s zero position is set to the found cross-plane direction.

Because of this setup, it only takes less than 20 minutes to set up.

3D SCANNER offers a diameter drive for consistent detector orientation for all angles. Because of the 360º degree circumference and rotation range of 330º, there is no need for tank shifts.


3D SCANNER uses SNS Dosimetry scanning software. This software offers powerful analysis and smart features for enhanced efficiency. This software can queue scans, it is a multi-scan comparison tool with a searchable database and it has processing layers.


  • Easy and fast setup because of AutoSetup™
  • No tank shifts necessary
  • Better, more objective data
  • 360º scanning
  • Timesaving SNC Dosimetry software

For more info on the scanner, read our article!

Close-up picture of the 3D SCANNER




The 3D MiniLift is specially designed for transporting the 3D SCANNER. The lift is part of a convenient and portable 3D SCANNER system. The lift is easily stored, easy to use, small and fits through standard doors.

The MiniLift enables you to easily take the 3D SCANNER from room to room when necessary. It is 57 cm high, 95 cm in length and weighs 105 kg.

If you want to know more about the 3D SCANNER an the MiniLift, visit our partner’s website!





3D SCANNER on top of the minilift

Sun Nuclear Corporation is opgericht in 1984 als een service verlenend bedrijf voor reparatie en kalibratie maar ze zijn uitgegroeid tot een toonaangevend leider in design en fabricage van kwaliteitss...


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