Model L-820 Extra Large Gamma Camera Bar Phantom

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The Model L-820 is ideal for daily/weekly QA checks of scintillation camera performance. The Bar and Test Pattern Phantoms measure intrinsic and collimator spatial resolution (ability to see small objects), and spatial linearity (ability to correctly position image data) confirming the gamma camera’s overall ability to identify and properly display small anatomic objects.

Each of the sets of parallel lines is precisely machined onto a plastic sheet. The lines are filled (cast) with Cerrobend® high-density metal alloy. This causes the gamma radiation to be attenuated, thereby providing the QA image.

The phantom is easy to use and satisfies most regulatory quality control requirements for intrinsic resolution. By checking the gamma camera’s resolution on a routine basis with this phantom, it will be possible to make quick adjustments to ensure the consistent quality of the images being taken from the data that is collected.

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