Model L-777-Mini CR/DR Mini Test Tool

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The L-777-Mini CR/DR Test Tool utilizes a variety of testing parameters that track the uniformity, contrast, and resolution of the imaging system. This is done by the imaging of a variety of targets within the tool that provide subjective and precise values that are used to monitor the High Contrast, Low Contrast, Gross Resolution, and Fine Resolution, as well as general uniformity and general edge sharpness of the imaging system.

The L-777-Mini is used to make a sample image of the approved system. This image is saved and used as a benchmark for future evaluation of the system. Frequency of the future evaluations of the image system are determined by the QA manager. Testing can be performed daily, weekly, or as directed by the medical physicist or quality assurance manager. The more frequent the testing the less likely a negative trend will develop.

When degradation of the imaging system is suspected or following any service to the system, an image of L-777-Mini is done and compared to the original benchmark image. When degradation of the image is suspected, the benchmark image becomes proof of the potential quality of the system and a guide for the service technician as to the quality expectations required of the system.

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