Model 375 Area Monitor Controller – Ludlum

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The Model 375 is a versatile, compact, and very affordable digital electronic controller designed for monitoring radiation in areas. Its simple design accommodates many different detectors suiting a wide variety of applications, and is equipped with a local readout and alarms. These versatile units may also be connected to an optional auxiliary indicator/annunciators for alerting personnel at remote locations.

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Model 375 Area Monitor Controller features:

  • programmable units of measure and alarms
  • budget friendly product of good quality
  • battery backup
  • four-digit LED display with two cm digits
  • suggested detectors: neutron, proportional, GM, scintillation
  • displays μR/hr, mR/hr, R/hr, μSv/h, mSv/h, Sv/h, μrem/hr, mrem/hr, rem/hr, cpm, cps, and others
  • threshold: 2 to 100 mV (adjustable)

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Datasheet Model 375 Area Monitor Controller

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