RS-125 Handheld Spectrometer – Radiation Solutions

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The RS-125 Handheld Spectrometer (Radiation Solutions) is an advanced mobile instrument for radiation survey. The device is mainly used for spectral analyses in the geophysical industry. The RS-125 has the highest sensitivity in the market of spectrometers and is simple in use. There are no test sources required, the spectrometer stabilizes automatically on the different forms of radioactivity (K, U and Th).

RS-125 Handheld Spectrometer features:

  • single button operation
  • digital LCD display
  • detector: NaI(Tl) 2×2“
  • analyses single channel and multichannel
  • PC connectivity: USB or Bluetooth
  • high countrate: 65, 535
  • protection: IP67
  • rugged design

Read more about the RS-125 Handheld Spectrometer on the Radiation Solutions website

Radiation Solutions Inc. (RSI), opgericht in 2006, is gespecialiseerd in stralingsdetectie en monitoring systemen. Een groot deel van de medewerkers van RSI heeft een Exploranium verleden. Hierdoor he...


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RS-125 Handheld Spectrometer

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