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Automate Plan Quality Verification with PlanCHECK:

  • Physics Checks
  • Dosimetric Checks
  • Seamless, integrated Patient QA workflow


Plan checks are a time-consuming task that requires significant experience and expertise to ensure treatment plans are created as intended. An independent and automated solution for physics and dosimetric checks, PlanCHECK™ eases this burden.

Part of the powerful SunCHECK™ Platform, PlanCHECK automatically loads loads patients’ plan files into the Treatment Planning System and performs the plan checks – reducing the time required for this intensive process.

  • Dose/Volume Results: automatically verified against a selected customizable clinical protocol
  • Comprehensive Rules-Based Physics Plan Checks: automatically apply pass, warn, and fail criteria
  • Compatible: works with multiple Treatment Planning Systems, via scripting or DICOM transfer

PlanCHECK fits seamlessly within the SunCHECK Patient workflow – providing an all-in-one solution for plan checks, secondary calculations, pre-treatment QA and in-vivo monitoring.


Physics Checks

Validate the treatment plan against your department’s requirements, and easily identify deviations with user-defined pass/fail results. Rules -based checks include:

  • Plan Parameter Checks
  • Structure Checks
  • Deliverability Checks


Checks Automatically assess performance of a treatment plan versus treatment. Verify a variety of comprehensive, structure-based checks, including: • Various Dose and Volume Metrics, compared to pre-loaded, editable protocols • Complex dosimetry metrics such as: Conformality Index, Conformation Number, Gradient Index and Gradient Measure for multiple structures, plus Homogeneity Index, Inhomogeneity Index and more.

If you want to read more about PlanCHECK and SunCHECK, take a look at our partner’s website!

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