Model 038 STEEV Steriotactic End-to-end Verification Phantom Patient

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The STEEV Phantom provides the most realistic clinical simulation to perform end-to-end testing of SRS QA systems in the most challenging anatomical regions.

The Model 038 STEEV Steriotactic End-to-end Verification Phantom Patient is used for comprehensive testing of stereotactic radiosurgery systems. The Phantom provides a means to check every step the patient will undergo in the treatment process from diagnostic imaging with MR,  CT, and PET to treatment plan verification.

Model 038 STEEV Steriotactic End-to-end Verification Phantom Patient features:

  • Performs IGRT QA procedure for X-ray and onboard kV and MV imagers including CBCT
  • TPS Deformable Image registration algorithm accuracy QA
  • Performs end-to-end testing for commissioning as directed by AAPM TG-101
  • Verifies patient treatment plan in critical regions
  • performs geometric machine QA Winston-Lutz isocenter verification tests and localization/repositioning with couch shift
  • Verifies patient positioning using frame/frameless systems, head and shoulder masks or other positioning fixation devices
  • Assesses image transfer QA, image fusion, accuracy verification and TPS testing with Multi-modality imaging capabilities (CT, MRI and PET)

Workflow step:

  • Treatment planning
  • Pre-Treatment delivery
  • Commissioning & acceptance
  • Monthly QA
  • Annual QA
  • Dosimetry
  • End-to-End QA


  • Linac
  • Bore-based Linacs
  • Cyberknife
  • TomoTheraphy
  • Imaging

The standard model 038 includes:

  • Phantom head and neck with external fiducials and markings
  • Three brain equivalent spacers to fill rectangular intercranial cavity
  • Two tissue-equivalent rods to fill cylindrical channels (one includes MRI/CT fiducial)
  • MRI/CT/PET ISO Center Insert
  • Neck alignment plate
  • Foam-lined carry case
  • User guide and warranty

Read more about the Model 038 STEEV Steriotactic End-to-end Verification Phantom Patient on the Sun Nuclear website


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