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LIAC FLASH is the first FLASH device designed for both clinical and research applications.

Sordina IORT Technologies (SIT) designed this system according to all the safety standards of a CE-marked medical device. It operates in both Conventional, and FLASH dose rate.


The system operates in three different modalities:

  • FLASH RT clinical mode
  • FLASH RT research mode

With 8 degrees of freedom automatically coordinated by an innovative technology, it can easily reach any anatomical site of the patient.

Thanks to its excellent radiation protection properties, you can use it in any operating room without any additional shielding.

The system is equipped with a new TPS combined with an automatic image-guided docking system and powered by an ultra-fast Monte Carlo calculation.

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LIAC FLASH data sheet preview


–        Height: 190 cm

–        Length: 240 cm

–        Width: 80 cm

Weight: < 800 Kg

4 Available energies: 6-8-10-12 MeV

8 degrees of freedom


SIT FLASH ioert device from SIT in the dark with lights

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