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SunSCAN 3D is Faster, Easier & Hyper-Accurate

SunSCAN 3D simplifies beam scanning with SRS-class accuracy and user-centered design.

Commissioning and beam scanning are fundamental to building a strong radiation therapy program. That’s why Sun Nuclear significantly enhanced their pioneering cylindrical tank design for greater clinical confidence and workflow efficiency.

Made for Every Clinical User

Conventional linac, SRS linac or bore-based. Commissioning novice or experienced clinician. SunSCAN 3D makes commissioning and annuals easier and more efficient than ever before — with SRS-class scanning accuracy and compatibility with nearly every machine and user.

Simplified Beam Scanning

From your Trusted End-to-End Quality Management Provider

SunSCAN 3D standardizes water tank setup with automation and mitigates the need for tank shifts.

  • Unique Cylindrical Shape – removes need for tank shifts, which take time and compromise scanning setup
  • Single Setup – 65 cm scan range allows 40 x 40 cm field scans, even at 100 cm SSD and 40 cm depth
  • Consistent Detector Orientation – smallest part of the detector always measures the beam edge, minimizing stem and cable effects and water movement

Enhanced SRS & SBRT Accuracy

Meeting the Demands of Stereotactic Programs

SunSCAN 3D’s enhanced electronic resolution improves Signal to Noise Ratio by as much as a factor of 2, and an enhanced Median Filter provides glassy smooth scans while maintaining data integrity.

Hyper accurate scanning, verified with a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), delivers:

  • 0.1 mm accuracy throughout the tank,
  • 0.05 mm reproducibility, and
  • 0.02 mm resolution.

SunSCAN 3D, Ready to Scan in 15 Minutes

Fast & Easy Setup

Set up your water tank in a third of the time it takes with other tanks.

  1. Simply roll the tank in place
  2. Starting the filling process (~7 minutes), and
  3. Run the faster, more accurate AutoSetup™ routine (~7 minutes)

True leveling is achieved through a proven automatic leveling routine, perfected and optimized over 10+ years. A physically level tank makes leveling confirmation and QA easy.

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SunScan 3D in use

Consistent Detector Orientation







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