PM1604B Electronic Personal Dosimeter

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Dosimeters perform monitoring and measurement of personal dose equivalent and personal dose equivalent rate in the wide energy range – from the natural background level up to 5-10 Sv/h (500-1000 R/h). Instruments are stable to dose up to 300 Sv, have two thresholds in DER and DE ranges, have non volatile memory for data storage. Hermetic, water-resistant and shockproof case and the fluorescent backlight on LCD screen allow to use instruments in harsh and extreme conditions.

PM1604A and PM1604B dosimeters are recommended for emergency services, customs and border patrol, radiological and radioisotope laboratories, medical professionals, personnel of nuclear facilities, civil defense, firefighters and police.

Operation Principle

PM1604A and PM1604B models are energy-compensated personal dosimeters of pocket size that measure personal dose equivalent (DE) and personal dose equivalent rate (DER) of both gamma and X-ray radiation. Dosimeters have two alarm thresholds. If the preset dose and dose rate thresholds are exceeded, instruments immediately alert the user through an audible alarm. Dosimeters store up to 1000 events in non-volatile memory and transmit all recorded data via an infrared channel to a PC for further processing and analysis.

Dosimeters may be used independently or as a part of a system for efficient and emergency monitoring of personnel and people at production facilities and other sites, where there is a risk of exposure to external X-ray and gamma radiation.


Dosimeter is manufactured in two modifications: PM1604A and PM1604B.  РМ1604B has extended range of DER measurement.

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