S.I.T. Sordina IORT Technologies S.p.A.

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S.I.T. Sordina IORT Technologies S.p.A.

Italian passion for innovation in radiation therapy: we are leader in the field of IOeRT Linacs and FLASH Radiation Therapy systems.

We are a dynamic group of people moved by a strong passion for discovering, developing and producing new technologies to fight against cancer. We are proud to be a real manufacturer rather than an integrator; this industrial choice guarantees a total control on all the key components of our IOeRT and FLASH systems.

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In 2012 Sordina – the maker of LIAC – purchased NRT -the maker of NOVAC – resulting in the operation that is now S.I.T. – Sordina IORT Technologies S.p.A.

During the last few years, SIT has been developing innovative solutions for IOeRT and Flash RT achieving very important goals which can be translated in its flagship products:

– LIAC HWL, a system capable of operating in any standard operating room solving completely any radiation protection issue;

– IORT ECHO TPS, a Treatment Planning System which offers fast and precise real time intraoperative imaging allowing a smooth treatment planning and a perfect docking.

– ELECTRONFLASH, the first dedicated FLASH radiation therapy pre-clinical research accelerator. This system represents for FLASH radiation therapy research community a unique technological solution capable not only of reaching impressive dose rates, but also monitoring with extreme precision the output in any condition. From now on real time beam monitoring for FLASH radiation therapy is no longer a challenge!

The construction of electron accelerators for IOeRT and FLASH, requires a combination of high-level of expertise in different sectors, ranging from ultra-high vacuum technology to microwaves, radio-frequency emissions and high voltages.

All people working at SIT are highly qualified and have considerable experience in linear accelerators design and manufacturing.

SIT can successfully carry out its activities thanks to its very well equipped and specialized manufacturing departments: copper machining laboratory, vacuum laboratory, radiofrequency laboratory, welding laboratory and assembling line. Furthermore, thanks to its two dedicated bunkers, all R&D or testing activities can be performed.

SIT has 2 operating sites in Italy: Administration and Legal Affairs, Purchase and Logistics, Marketing and Sales Department, are located in Vicenza, whilst R&D, Manufacturing, Technical Department, Quality and Regulatory Affairs, and the After Sales Service are located in Aprilia.

SIT has been able to build so far a wide and solid network of agents, distributors and service engineers worldwide, which contribute actively and constantly to the promotion of high technologies in the field of IOeRT and FLASH therapy systems all over the world.

SIT devices have been successfully installed in around 30 countries for a total number of 88 devices with more than 30.000 IOeRT treatmens having been performed.

Any questions? Or would you like to order a product from our partner? Contact us directly.