Model 334A Alpha Air Monitor

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  • Easy Setup and Use
  • Integrated LCD and Touch Screen Display
  • English or SI Units of Measurement
  • Acute and Chronic Dose Modes
  • Significantly Reduced False Alarms  Using Peak Shape Fitting Capability
  • 8-Hour Battery Life
  • Radon Mode Option

The Model 334A is a compact, lightweight, and portable alpha air monitor designed to function both as a workplace monitor and a Continuous Air Monitor (CAM) for measurements in emergency response situations. Its functionality is enhanced by its splash- and dust-proof enclosure with splash-proof electronics.

Spectral analysis is conducted via a 1024-channel analyzer that feeds data to the embedded processor. Factory configuration provides either special nuclear materials (SNM) or radon progeny measurements of potential alpha energy concentration (PAEC).

Measurements may be taken in both fast-responding (Acute) or high-sensitivity (Chronic) assessments, and report in English or SI units. The Model 334A stores acquired data in comma-separated-variable (.csv) format that is recognized by most spreadsheet and database software. Data may be saved in the instrument’s internal memory, or alternately may be written to an SD card for later retrieval and review.

Independent determination of nuclide peaks means they are impervious to radon equilibrium changes, thereby contributing to low probabilities of error and false alarms. Precise fitting of the 218Po tail results in excellent sensitivity.

This Model 334A features an integrated LCD and touch screen that displays information on instrument status and readings during operation. The estimated dose of the isotope(s) of interest and instrument status is displayed at all times. A window below may be switched from showing historical readings and battery status, or displaying the current spectrum.

Factory-configurable Radon Mode allows the instrument to monitor potential-alpha-energy-concentration (PAEC) of radon progeny.

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