Model L-760-LC1 Low Contrast Resolution Plate

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The Low Contrast Resolution Plate is a test tool designed to evaluate the resolution of digital radiography systems. A key concern of digital radiography is the visibility of low-contrast anatomy due to the potential loss of detail associated with film digitizers, imaging plates, printers, and digital display monitors. This plate offers a simple method to examine the digital system’s ability to detect the smallest and shallowest low contrast targets on the plate. A weekly comparison of these images enables the user to maintain the standard of quality (benchmark) for the digital images being produced by the system.

This plate is intentionally made to the same overall size of the Model L-760 Acrylic Modular X-ray Phantom Kit plates. It may be used by itself or with the Model L-760. Using the resolution plate with the Model L-760 allows the user to add more attenuation.

The Model L-760-LC1 is available colorless, with green tint, or with blue tint.

The Model L-760-LC1 has holes that change incrementally by 2 mm in diameter from the top to bottom and by 2 mm in depth from right to left.

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