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Handheld Isotope Identification Instrument RIID

The RT-30 Mk II is the second generation of popular handheld gamma ray spectrometer RT-30. Strengths of the first generation were copied in the new model. There has to be highlighted a strong alloy body sealed against dust and water, protective removable rubber boot, comfortable grip and low weight.

The Mk II learned of the limitations of the first generation and features a large colored transreflectible sun readable display, improved user’s interface with five operation buttons, removable but well-sealed battery pack and clear and loud audio.

The instrument is built as an open platform with potential of fast and simple implementation of special features required by customers. Wide fleet of detectors is supported. The Mk II bridges traditional scintillation detection probes using common vacuum photomultiplier tube with up-to-date silicon photomultipliers technology. Saved significant volume of vacuum tubes is next occupied by larger size of detector.

A heart of gamma ray spectrometer is FPGA (programmable array) plus fast speed and low consumption ARM type processor. The combination of FPGA with ARM is taken of preceding larger instrument and has been tested for years. Beside gamma ray section the FPGA is capable to handle other sensors at the same time. A Geiger-Mueller counter and a Neutron detector make a standard offer.

Thanks to latest electronic the Mk II opens a platform for supporting most modern existing communication standards. Sharing new and traditional communication standards is guaranteed wide compatibility with older as well as new communication devices. The existing USB was upgraded to level C and beside communication it is used also for unit’s battery charging. GPS system is built in the front part of the instrument and is used for localization of the unit and also for time synchronization.

Quickly determining the location of lost radioactive sources in the environment or scrap, monitoring of waste in hospitals or waste incinerators, scanning people or baggage to disclose illicit trafficking of nuclear materials; all are typical applications for the RT-30 Mk II series.


  • Ergonomic, lightweight handheld well balanced, compact;
  • Comfortable grip with five buttons operable in glows;
  • Removable protective rubber boot;
  • Detectors fully build in the housing, protected by rubber foam;
  • Large, transreflectible colored display – sharp and high contrast in sunlight, backlighted in dark;
  • Loudspeaker with plastic membrane watertight;
  • Four status indication LEDs – indication of alarms and health status;
  • USB standard C for data transfer and charging;
  • Wide fleet of scintillation detectors NaI/Tl, CsI/Tl, CsI/Eu, LaHalide, BGO, GAGG, SrI, Plastic scintillation detectors PVT;
  • Maximum detector size: Diameter 2” and height 2” with standard vacuum PMT or max 5” with Silicon PMT (SiPM or MPPC).

See the full details in the RT-30 Mk II datasheet.

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