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Gafchromic HDV2 radiochromic film is designed for quantitative measurement of absorbed doses of high-energy photons. This self-developing film is perfect for a processorless environment.

Because this film doesn’t require post-exposure processing, there are no chemicals to dispose of and you don’t need a dark room.

To get the most accurate dosimetric measurement with this film, you can combine it with Ashland’s FilmQAPro™ software.

This film comes in boxes of 5 pc. with sheets of 20,32 cm x 25,4 cm (8” x 10”).


  • Dynamic dose range from 10 Gy to 1.000 Gy
  • Develops in real time without any post-exposure treatment
  • Near tissue equivalent
  • High spatial resolution
  • Active coating exposed for detection of low energy photon and electron
  • Marker dye in the active layer
  • Stable at temperatures up to 60°C
  • No dark room needed

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