SNC125c™ Reference Ion Chamber

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SNC125c for Reference Class Dosimetry
With a design that reduces the convolution of high-dose gradient regions during profile and depth measurements, SNC125c meets IEC 60731 standards and more:

  • Enhanced penumbra without loss of signal strength
  • Optimized to work with 3D SCANNER™
  • Maintains ideal orientation during scans
  • Sensitivity of a 0.125 cm3 chamber and penumbra closer to a micro-chamber

Meet Requirements
Properly QA your linac, in accordance with the reference class and dosimetry protocols of IEC 60731, AAPM TG-51, and IAEA TRS-398.

Reliable & Accurate
Reference-class ion chambers are vented, waterproof and fully guarded. A white chamber body makes visualization easy during setup and relative to cross hairs and lasers.

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SNC125C, Reference ION chamber, Datasheet

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