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Ultimate Small Field Detector
for Precision 3D Dosimetry

EDGE Detector™ characterizes penumbra more precisely and with less averaging than ion chambers, making it the preferred detector for small field beam modeling and QA.

Waterproof and highly accurate, it works with all common water phantoms for SRS and IMRT beam modeling and TPS commissioning.

Well-Suited for Small Fields
EDGE Detector is comprised of a SunPoint® Diode Detector that is 842 times smaller, and has 100 times more signal, than micro ionization chambers. Its small size makes it ideal for accurate penumbra characterization and steep gradients for fields ≤10 cm.

Maintain Compliance
EDGE Detector supports compliance with TRS483 and precision dosimetry.

“The practical methods described can be used for commissioning an SRS system with small cones. New correction factors significantly improve agreement between different detectors.”

  • E. Lief, et al
  • Measurement of Output and Percent Depth Dose (PDD) for Small Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS) Cones Using Semiconductor and Microdiamond Detectors

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EDGE Detector, Datasheet

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