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ArcCHECK is the only true 4D array specifically designed for QA of today’s modern rotational deliveries. At its heart are over 1300 SunPoint Diode Detectors providing consistent and highly sensitive measurements for all gantry angles, with no additional hardware required. Independent absolute dose measurements enable the gold standard for stringent and efficient patient plan and machine QA testing.

ArcCHECK 4D features:

  • smallest available detectors for accurate measurements
  • BEV is consistent regardless of gantry angle
  • 3D and DVH Analysis
  • Flattening Filter Free (FFF)
  • easy setup and lightweight (16kg)
  • measure both composite and per control point
  • real-time updates (50ms)

ArcCHECK 4D compatibility:

  • rotational therapy: RapidArc, VMAT, TomoHelical
  • static gantry: IMRT, TomoDirect
  • treatment planning systems: Pinnacle, Eclipse, Monaco, iPlan, and any TPS system that can export DICOM data
  • FFF and non-FFF deliveries
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ArcCHECK 4D, Datasheet

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