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The Collimator and Beam Alignment Test Tools ensure accurate x-ray beam alignment. There are two models available to meet your needs: Model 161B and model 162A.

You can use 161B for collimator alignment and model 162A for beam alignment.

Model 161B is a collimator test tool that evaluates the collimator light field congruence. It provides a direct ruled dimension on the radiograph with a normal x-ray exposure. The test tool is a brass plate with centimeter etchings.

Model 162A is a beam alignment tool that provides a simple test of alignment for x-ray beams. The tool is a plastic cylinder and is 16 cm (6.3 inch) high and it has two steel BBs, one at each end.

The two tools combined can visualise x-ray beam misalignments of 1% and 2%, without the need for measuring or calculating.


  • Can give a direct ruled dimension on the radiograph because of the centimeter etchings
  • Compact and easy-to-use
  • The steel BBs are superimposed on the radiograph when everything is aligned
  • Bubble level is included so that accurate tests can be performed with ease

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Collimator and Beam Alignment QC-tools, Datasheet

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