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Ashland designed Gafchromic EBT-3 Dosimetry Film specially for medical physicists and dosimetrists working in radiotherapeutic departments. You use this gafchromic film to measure absorbed doses of ionizing radiation and it’s especially suited for high-energy photons.

It perfectly meets the needs of external beam radiotherapy and supports the processor-less environment of the modern hospital. This product is suitable for many applications because of the optimum dose range of 0.2 Gy to 10 Gy.

This gafchromic film is very easy-to-use, especially in combination with Ashland’s FilmQA Pro software.



  • Helps avoid Newton’s rings
  • Symmetrical
  • Optimum dose range of 0.2 Gy to  10 Gy
  • Dynamic dose range of 0.1 Gy to 20 Gy
  • Near tissue equivalent
  • Water resistant (so it can be used with water phantoms)
  • User-friendly
  • No need for a darkroom
  • Density changes stabilise fast
  • Withstands temperatures up to 60°C
  • Supports all RT technologies
  • Large measurement area
  • High spatial resolution
  • Reduces scattered radiation

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EBT3 Gafchromic Film, Datasheet

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