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The film’s response depends on the output spectrum of the x-ray generator, or the type and strength of the isotopes. But it also depends on the thickness and composition of the object that you are imaging.


  • Stand-alone imaging tool
  • No screens required
  • No cassettes required
  • Instantly self-developing
  • Resolution >10 microns
  • Water and scratch resistant
  • Usable in daylight
  • Can withstand temperatures from 4,5 ℃ to 60℃ (40℉ to 140℉)
  • Stable in real world environment
  • The shelf life is over a year

This film comes in boxes of 10 pc. and it’s available in two sizes:

  • 20,32 cm x 25,4 cm (8″ x 10″)
  • 25,4 cm x 30,48 cm (10″ x 12″)

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Datasheet Gafchromic XRSP2 Industrial Radiographic Film Ashland

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