Model MA5034 – Portable Blue / Green Sensitometer – Sun Nuclear

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For day to day processor quality control, the Gammex MA5034 Portable Blue / Green Sensitometer provides a versatile, reliable, and highly accurate test. Sensitometry is the single most effective way to test the processor operation and consistency.

With its 21 step light modulator, a full range of densities can be tested with a single piece of film.  It can be used with a wide range of films

Portable Blue / Green Sensitometer features:

  • versatile, reliable, and highly accurate testing device
  • can test either blue sensitive or green sensitive film
  • easy to expose the film, simply close the cover and listen for the tone
  • battery powered
  • compact design

Sun Nuclear Corporation was founded in 1984 as a provider of third-party repair and calibration service. Sun Nuclear has grown to become a respected leader in the design and manufacture of quality sys...


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Datasheet Portable Blue / Green Sensitometer - Gammex

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