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DataEXPERT software is a solution you can use to collect, manage, chart and evaluate data measured by sensors from Bertin Instruments for example. DataEXPERT is a very user-friendly solution that offers a powerful web-based interface available, not only on computers and laptops, but also for mobile use on tablets and smartphones.

The software shows the data in charts or tables, and with static or dynamic GIS map layers, so the data is easy to analyse. DataEXPERT eases the system management because it shows all technical and radiological events of the connected probes. The users have access to the system overview, and they can also adjust all instruments parameters with remote setup functions.

You can combine this software perfectly with Bertin’s GammaTRACER probes for example.


  • Can also import and display data from DVD-files (older data can be imported)
  • Select data from different tools or measurement series in the database and display it
  • Use alarm, zoom, display, mathematics and report functions
  • Easily exportable data to Excel or SQL databases
  • Use a display module like GEOMAP or Google Earth
  • User friendly
  • Compatible with Windows

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