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Users of Sun Nuclear’s (formerly Gammex) 464 CT phantom frequently want a better indication of the scanner’s performance with a phantom that more accurately mimics a torso.  The optional 464-Ring torso adapter permits the use of the 464 Accreditation in this type of application.

The 464 phantom can easily be inserted into the 464-Ring adapter to permit quick imaging in these situations.  Users gain the advantage of being able to check the Quality Assurance on 16 different parameters with an anthropomorphic testing phantom in additional to other QA applications they may be required to perform, thus saving money that would otherwise be required for purchase of an entirely new phantom.

The Torso adapter is not a requirement for use in any Quality Assurance testing program.

CT Phantom Extension features:

  • Solid Water construction
  • made of multiple modules and shaped to better mimic a torso
  • white scribed markings help ensure proper alignment
  • designed to work exclusively with the 464 CT Phantom

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Datasheet CT Phantom Extension - Gammex

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