Model 156D – Stereotactic Mammographic Accreditation Phantom – Sun Nuclear

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Sun Nuclear’s 156D Stereotactic Mammographic Accreditation Phantom with Gammex technology, is used for monitoring digital mammography systems currently used for stereotactic biopsy and localization.

The 156D is accredited by the ACR.

Model 156D Stereotactic Mammographic Accreditation Phantom features:

  • compact size
  • wax insert contains 12 sets of test objects
  • approximates the size of a 4.2 cm compressed breast of 50% glandular and 50% adipose compostion
  • wax insert contains
    • simulated micro-calcifications of Aluminum oxide specks
    • 4 different size nylon fibers to simulate fibrous structures
    • 4 different size lens-shaped masses to simulate tumors
  • replaceable wax insert which contains the targets

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Datasheet Stereotactic Mammographic Accreditation Phantom - Gammex

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