Model 411 – LE Tissue Mimicking QC Phantom – Sun Nuclear

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The Tissue Mimicking QC Phantom 411 LE is designed to meet the needs of the small ultrasound lab. This phantom provides a standard of quality assurance required for routine testing of ultrasound scanning systems. 

411 LE Tissue Mimicking QC Phantom features:

  • the phantom utilizes the unique Tissue Mimicking gel of Gammex
  • one mid-depth axial resolution target at 6 cm with pins spaced at 0.5, 1 and 2 mm.
  • single 6 mm diameter anechoic cyst at 5 cm
  • all pin targets are constructed of 0.374 mm nylon fibers

Sun Nuclear Corporation was founded in 1984 as a provider of third-party repair and calibration service. Sun Nuclear has grown to become a respected leader in the design and manufacture of quality sys...


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Datasheet Tissue Mimicking QC Phantom - Gammex

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