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The Tritium sampler 4 vials (MARC 7000) equipment is designed to sample the tritium which is contained in a volume of air (gas H3, tritiated water HTO or organically combined). Tritiated water vapor is trapped in the first two feeding bottles by means of the bubbling principle. To trap the tritium which is combined to organic materials, an oxidation reaction is created in the oven. A catalyser is used to lower the combustion level. This causes tritium to react chemically to form tritiated water vapor which is trapped in feeding bottles n°3 & 4. After a certain time, the tritiated water contained in the bottles is measured in a laboratory. The quantity of tritium measured is related to the volume of air which has passed through the equipment.

Tritium sampler 4 vials features:

  • excellent trapping efficiency (close to 99%)
  • cooling system to increase sampling length (option)
  • good price
  • constant evolution of the product
  • easy to use
  • connectable to all sampling lines
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Tritium Sampler, MARC 7000 Datasheet

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