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The Coriolis RECON is a portable, light and ruggedized bio-air sampler for biological warfare agents detection, dedicated to CBRN teams or first responders, with quick deployment in case of an event with biological attack suspicion. The Coriolis RECON have been designed to collect large concentrations of aerosols in the breathable range of 0.5 to 10 µm with an air flow rate at 600L/min, thus being more representative of the environment than traditional bio-aerosol samplers. Thanks to its ability to collect bio-aerosol particles into liquid format, this system can be used with rapid identification techniques for biological agents (immunoassay, PCR, etc.) to provide an early warning of aerosolized biological warfare agents.

Introduction video

Advantages Coriolis RECON

  • the most efficient concentration of biological warfare agent
  • high air flow rate
  • compatible with any downstream experiments for rapid identification
  • bio surveillance with long time monitoring – up to 6 hours
  • quick deployment in a military / first responder context
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Datasheet Coriolis RECON - Bertin Instruments

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