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Personal Electronic Dosimeter with extended range

The PED-ER is a robust, light and user-friendly personal electronic dosimeter. You can use it to effectively monitor, measure and manage radiation exposure.  This PED is the same as the PED-Blue from Tracerco, only the ER stands for Extended Range, so the range is bigger.

This personal electronic dosimeter has both audio and visual alarms with vibration. The dosimeter will alarm you when you reach your personally set radiation dose. Because of the extended dose range from the PED-ER, it can detect radiation up to 1 Sv/h.

This dosimeter is not only designed to be robust and lightweight, it’s also designed to keep it simple. The device has a large and clear AMOLED display which is very user-friendly. When you use this dosimeter in combination with the accompanying software DoseVison, you can easily manage radiation doses.


  • The dosimeter has an extended dose range of up to 1 Sv/h
  • Large easily readable display and intuitive graphical user interface
  • A reliable dosimeter, even for the most challenging radiation monitoring situations
  • User-friendly design because of one-button operation
  • The user can easily operate it without any training
  • You can choose between audio and/or visual alarms, with optional vibration
Tracerco personal electronic dosimeter, PED Blue, black and white image with blue swirl

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