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Daily Beam Quality Analysis
in One Measurement

Daily QA™ 3 sets the standard for efficient and powerful routine QA. A single beam measurement results in five beam quality checks. Accepted data is automatically written to a SQL database in real time, where it is available for trending, review and analysis

An Easy Handoff from Physicist to Therapist
Physicists are able to set up daily test templates for their modalities and machines which can then be used by a Therapist to easily conduct daily tests and automatically run pre-set templates.

Eliminate Back-and-Forth
Simply enter the linac vault, position the device, turn the beam on and start the pre-set tests in the software – no warm-up or pre-irradiation required, and no additional trips to the vault needed.

Easy Setup
Power Data Interface (PDI) is managed through Sun Nuclear’s single-cable architecture.

Fast Daily Checks of Energy Constancy & Beam Quality
After daily test beam delivery, see results for:

  • Dose output
  • Beam flatness
  • Beam symmetry
  • Beam energy
  • Light-radiation field coincidence
  • Shape constancy and field size shift for FFF

Compare results to baseline values in the software to determine if intervention is needed before treating patients.

One Device, 25 Detectors
For optimal results, Daily QA 3 uses both ion chambers and SunPoint®diode detectors:

  • 5 ion chambers for flatness and symmetry
  • 4 ion chambers for electron energy checks
  • 4 ion chambers for photon energy checks
  • 12 diodes for light-radiation coincidence

Rotational and FFF beams are supported, with no warm-up or pre-irradiation required for testing.

Daily QA 3 Features & Benefits

  • Five beam quality checks – Output, flatness, symmetry, field size, energy
  • Supports rotational and FFF beams
  • Shape constancy and field size shift for FFF beams
  • No flipping or additional buildup required for any test or energy
  • Wireless Option
  • 13 ion chambers measure output, flatness, symmetry, energy
  • 12 SunPoint® Diode Detectors measure lightradiation field coincidence
  • Automatic temperature and pressure corrections
  • Integrated buildup; no additional buildup required
  • Daily test queue two-step operation – ‘Start’ to begin queue, and ‘Record’ to accept
  • Real-time measurements – view data instantly
  • Use different Daily QA 3 devices for a template without creating a new baseline
  • Export PDF reports
  • Interfaces with the IMF™ or GMF™
  • MR version (DailyQA-MR) available
  • SQL database for added security and access control

SunCHECK™ Integration
With direct connectivity from Daily QA 3 to the SunCHECK Platform:

  • Pre-configured TG-142 tests, tolerances and categories enable significant efficiency gains for daily QA workflows.
    • Safety, MLC and imaging tests reside in same database as Daily Dosimetry tests.
  • Connect your device and data is collected automatically – eliminating the possibility of manual data entry errors.
  • Alerts for overdue or failed results allow you to put your Machine QA on autopilot.

Diagnosing Atmospheric Communication of a Sealed Monitor Chamber

Read about the findings of daily output variations as measured by two independent systems, as it relates to monitor chamber communication with atmospheric conditions.

Sun Nuclear Corporation was founded in 1984 as a provider of third-party repair and calibration service. Sun Nuclear has grown to become a respected leader in the design and manufacture of quality sys...


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