Model 25 Series Personal Radiation Monitor

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  • Dose Rate Range:
    • Model 25: 0.01 mR/hr to 999 R/hr
    • Model 25-1: 0.001 mSv/h to 9.99 Sv/hr
  • Accumulated Dose Range:
    • Model 25: 0 to 999 R
    • Model 25-1: 0 to 999 Sv
  • Lightweight
  • Rugged, Shockproof Construction
  • Water Resistant Design
  • Easy to Use
  • 6000 Hour Battery Life
  • Audible and Visual Alerts and Alarms
  • Backlit LCD Display

The Model 25 and Model 25-1 Personal Radiation Monitors are small, rugged devices designed to warn emergency response personnel of any dangerous fields that they may encounter. These easy-to-use instruments incorporate a GM detector capable of measuring radiation fields up to 9.99 Sv/h (999 R/hr).

The Model 25 Series backlit LCD readout displays dose rate, accumulated dose, and time remaining to the dose limit. Visual and audible alarms can be set over the entire measurement range. No special equipment is required to either calibrate or set up operational parameters.

The units can be worn on a belt, a lanyard, or an armband. A lanyard and a rubber boot with a built-in belt feed through are included with each instrument. See the Options tab below for other available accessories.

Intrinsically safe versions, the Model 25-IS and Model 25-IS-1, are also available for use in areas where explosion safety is a concern.

NOTE: Model 25 Series instruments are not intended to measure background levels of radiation.

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