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Routine Test Dosemeter for Mammography QA/QC 25-35 kV

The QUART dido/time meters are designed for straightforward dose/dose reference measurements as required in x-ray routine QA/QC. Routine tests are usually carried out in regular intervals to ensure the adequate performance of X-ray equipment. The QUART dido/time meters are perfect tools for that application.
The meter is ready for use immediately after activation. No presetting procedure is required. Simply position the detector and expose it to acquire the routine check parameters. The QUART dido/time M is calibrated to Mo/Mo radiation quality.
In x-ray quality control the meters are used with an image quality control phantom.

QUART specialises in the design and manufacturing of tools and instrumentation for X-Ray Quality Assurance / Quality Control in Radiography, Fluoroscopy, Dental, CBCT / 3D ENT, Mammography, Computed T...