Image-Guided Abdominal Biopsy Phantom (model 071B) – CIRS

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The Image-Guided Abdominal Biopsy Phantom is a simplified abdominal phantom. It’s suitable for training and demonstrating image-guided needle biopsy navigation tools or procedures that require a constant visual reference for needle placement. The phantom allows many uses over time because of the background gel minimizes needle tracks when punctured.

The phantom contains 12 lesions, 5-12 mm in diameter, positioned in groups of three in consistent locations within the phantom. It also includes simulated spine and ribs, and an “H” marker within the spine to assist in determining the head side within a CT-image. You can see the lesions and spine under ultrasound, CT and MRI. The solid polymer gel background is anechoic and will also not leak when it is punctured.

The phantom also includes a foam lined hard carry case and it’s useful in multiple fields. The phantom is perfect for CT, Ultrasound and MRI, live scanning and biopsy training.



  • Improve performance of freehand abdominal biopsies
  • Minimal needle tracking- Z-skin fat layer and softer gel provide better self-healing properties
  • Validate automated biopsy systems
  • Suitable for CT, MRI and Ultrasound

If you want to read more about this phantom, take a look ar our partner’s website!

Ultrasound of the model 071B

CIRS is in 1982 opgericht door Dr. Elias Zerhouni. CIRS wordt wereldwijd erkend als marktleider in het ontwikkelen van tissue equivalent phantomen voor dosimetrie, kalibratie, kwaliteit controle, ond...


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CIRS, model 071B phantom, datasheet

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