didoEASY M / didoEASY+ M / didoEASY++ M

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Dosemeter Series for X-Ray Service and QA in Mammography

  • QUART didoEASY M, Art. 11116, Basic Configuration
  • QUART didoEASY+ M, Art. 11116+, Added kV Measurement
  • QUART didoEASY++ M, Art. 11116++, Added kV and Direct-HVL Measurement

The QUART didoEASY meters are designed for users who emphasize high precision in dosimetric applications but do not require the performance of a full-range dosemeter package.
QUART didoEASY meters can be used to measure parameters that are essential for service and quality assurance operations at x-ray equipment such as dose, dose rate, and time. Of course, as with all QUART meters – with maximum precision.

  • kVp and PPV measurements are available in the QUART didoEASY+ M version.
  • Direct-HVL and kVp / PPV measurements are available in the QUART didoEASY++ M version.

QUART specialises in the design and manufacturing of tools and instrumentation for X-Ray Quality Assurance / Quality Control in Radiography, Fluoroscopy, Dental, CBCT / 3D ENT, Mammography, Computed T...