Model L-777 CR/DR Digital Phantom Test Tool

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The Ludlum CR/DR Test Tool is designed for the evaluation of the newer filmless digital CR (Computed Radiography) and DR (Digital Radiography) imaging systems.

The CR/DR Test Tool incorporates a variety of testing parameters that, when used daily, tracks geometry (region of interest) symmetry, line pair resolution, as well as low and high contrast performance. Measurements of the various targets allow for evaluation of both the monitor and printed film image. The CR/DR tool will become a valuable asset to the QA technologist and the medical physicist trying to determine the source of an image quality problem or complaint.

The large size, 43.2 x 35.6 cm (17 x 14 in.) (H x W), makes it ideal for quick checks on automated chest systems.

Ludlum Medical Physics is part of Ludlum Measurements Inc. They focus on radiation safety and medical imaging QA. Their unique product line is fully focused on fulfilling the needs of medical physics....